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Vericose Vein

1. Avoid standing for long time, While walking put the heel first on the ground and then the toes.

2. Keep the legs elevated in the night with the support of the pillow to drain the accumulated blood from the veins.

3. During pregnancy sleep on the side to aid venous return by shifting the pressure on the inferior vena cava.

4. Use elastic pressure bandage or elastic stockings.

5. Do not practice asanas by just watching T.V. Or reading books.

6. Learn them from proper Yoga Therapist and practice them carefully and cautiously.

7. Walking and swimming are also helpful.

8. Extend and stretch the legs alternately in sitting position. Make circular movements of the legs. For people having sedentary job long sitting should take a stool in front of their chair to remove the pressure on the back of the thigh. During work they should move frequently within the working place to stimulate the venous return.

9. Take simple vegetarian diet without much spices.

10. Treatment: Patients with marked reduction of their activity from the discomfort of the varicose veins need to undergo operative intervention. However cases that are not very severe can be treated by conservative means like keeping the legs raised from the ground and keeping over the stool.

11. Application of crape bandage or use of elastic stockings up to the region of thigh during walking is helpful in minimizing the symptoms of varicose veins. For mild and moderate varicose veins, suitable asanas and other yoga practices may be selected. Inverted poses like viparita karani are immensely helpful, basically inversions under proper guidance.

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