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Spondylosis and Spondylitis & Sciatica and Slipped Disc & Chronic Back Pain

(1) Learn the yogic practices from proper yoga therapist. The postures should be modified as per the need and capacity of the person. Take complete rest if there is acute pain.

(2) Practice regularly Shavasana / Makarasana in between two asanas which is helpful to bring beneficial results.

(3) Practice 15 to 20 min. Shavasana at the end of the session.

(4) Do not perform any movement hurriedly, so one should avoid jerky and hasty movements of the spine completely.

(5) Practice with patience and regularity.
Follow these instructions and avoid thick pillow during sleep in all the three types of Spondylitis.

Asanas are practiced to strengthen the back muscles and to improve their flexibility. Asanas provide natural action. It helps to reduce the pain caused by compression of the nerve root.

(7)Symptoms are worse at night and in stormy weather, so during acute condition patient needs rest in bed. Patients are advised to walk by taking short steps and putting the complete feet on the ground.

(8)Patients are advised to avoid forward bending at least initially for first 2-3 months after the episode of the spasm or acute pain phase.

(9)Patient should avoid long hours of sitting or standing.

(10)Use of lumbar belt is advised during traveling and movements.

(11) Follow ‘heat compression guidelines’ if you are heating the affected area and avoid overheating and jerky massages

(12)Morning walk will be beneficial after consulting your Dr or yoga Therapist

(13) Use hard bed for sleeping. Complete no to spring sofas or beds.

(14)Do not sleep with straight legs in supine condition without putting folded towel below the affected area. Or Fold one leg or both legs or sleep on any one side.

(15) Avoid lifting the weight from the ground straight unless the individual bends over the knees and brings the object nearer to the body. One has to avoid this also if the patient has knee pain.

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