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1. The medical check up and advice from a doctor is necessary before starting yoga. Presence of other psychosomatic disorder like hypertension, diabetes will change the yogic regime.

2. Meals should be taken at regular timings. Food having more roughage and less oil is advisable.

3. Avoid sitting idle. Engage yourself in some work that will exert you a little.

4. Regularity, patience and perseverance in yoga practices is necessary.

5. Avoid milk and milk products, rice, curd, banana, sour fruits and fried items.
Avoid bakery products and cold drinks. Drink warm water instead of frequent tea or coffee.

6.Change in lifestyle is a ‘must’. An obese person needs inspiration and willpower.
Change of work, engaging oneself in creative or slight strenuous work like gardening, repairing or cleaning the house would consume some calories.

7.Physical work out like : Morning or evening walk, Surya namaskar and daily yoga practices are suggested but a long way to change the wrong habits and to reestablish the metabolic and hormonal balance.

Special exercise tips:
1. The number and the sequence of yoga practices should to be modified according to the capacity and other conditions of the person.
2. Avoid practicing yoga by only observing T.V. or by reading a book on therapy.
3. The practices should be learnt from a qualified Yoga therapist.
4. Take rest either in Shavasana or Makarasana in between two asanas. At the end, practice Shavasana at least for 15-20 minutes.
5. Observe effortlessness, comfort and stability, while performing yoga practices.
6. Concentrate on stretching and breathing movements during the practice to avoid distraction.
7. Take moderate vegetarian diet. Fill half stomach with food, one forth with water and leave one forth space for proper churning of the food.
8. Include yoga in your daily routine and accept it as a life style. Patience and regular practice is necessary.
9. Always try to keep balance on right and left side while standing.
10. Brisk morning walk, games like long tennis, swimming are also helpful.

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