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High Blood Pressure

1. Do not stop the medicines abruptly unless advised by the doctor.

2. Diet: 

  • Avoid spicy and excessively oily foods. Whole grain food should be preferred. Avoid fast foods.
  • Sodium restriction not more than 2 to 3 gms , moderation can be really helpful too.
  • Alcohol consumption: chronic heavy drinking is to be avoided at all costs. However half a peg per day does not seem to cause BP but best is to avoid completely.

3. Regular timings for meals should be observed. Meals after 10 p.m. should be discouraged as the gap between the night meal and sleep should be at least more than 2 hours.

4.Yogic treatment:
Yoga with its holistic approach produces sustained fall in BP without any side effects. Yoga actually brings about changes in the individual physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual levels from various practices and should be seen as a way of life and not as a treatment. Generally following yoga practices are advised. With 10 to 20 min of meditation daily.


  • No head below heart
  • No fast breathing Pr
  • No inversions
  • Above said is to be avoided in high blood pressure. (even when BP is under control with medicines.)

5.Reducing the following from your lifestyle can help you reach your goal:
Air pollution
Tobacco smoke
Fatty diet
Slimming products
PPA in cold & cough medi.
Overall BMI

6.Regular physical activity and gradually increase the activity level.

7.Weight loss: through incrensed phy, activity and modified calories

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