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1. Avoid overeating and frequent eating
2. Chew your food properly and avoid junk food,hurried eating .
3. Stay active and exercise regularly .
4. Air swallowed unknowingly while eating and drinking can also cause indigestion.
5. Trying to keep the liver health intact.
As Liver function disorder is commonly associated with complaints of the indigestion. This also leads to flatulence in some people and constipation in others

6.Working on your mental health is also important as weak abdominal tone, lowered intestinal motility, worry, anxiety, fear, insomnia, are some of the other causes of indigestion.

7. Have ample amount of water daily

8. Do anything and everything to avoid hard stool and applying efforts while excreting. Try laxatives and other Ayurvedic medicines. Example: Triffla is supposed to be natural laxative , very few people know this.
9. Daily consumption of vegetables in the form of smoothies and soups are of great help. Do not sieve your smoothie or soup (eat the fibre.)

  • Lift the weight in a proper way.
    3) Perform regular exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles.
  • Do not practice asanas by just watching T.V. Or reading books.

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