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1. Try to remain mentally relaxed through out the day.

2. Diet:
*Avoid high calorie carbohydrates / oily foods.
*Consume protein rich diet.
* Alcohol consumption: chronic heavy drinking is to be avoided at all costs, best is to avoid completely.

3.Think positively and observe Healthy Life Style.

4. Perform moderate exercises to adjust calorie consumption.

5. Practice yoga regularly with patience.

6.Frequent monitoring of blood glucose level and adjustment of the medicinal dosages should be done as per the doctor’s advice.

7.Yogic treatment:
Along with the well-balanced diet, medicine and a few exercises, necessary corrections in lifestyle and yoga practice will help the patients to manage the disorder successfully.

8.Patient should be educated about the overall situation and convinced that the treatment will have to be continued for rest of the life.

9.Hygienic measures like taking gargles and skin care will keep majority of symptoms under control. Foot care is important, clean and examine your feet as your cleaning routine.

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