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Arthritis (OA and RA)

(1) Consult your doctor if the vague, shifting pain persists for more than 8 days.

(2) If R.A. factor test of the blood is positive, control the diet and take regular exercises.

(3) Accept Yoga as a life style with regularity and patience and not as a temporary relief from the present symptoms.

(4) In acute phase, when severe pain is experienced, take necessary medicines and proper rest. After acute phase is over, start practicing asanas under the proper guidance. As
Asanas would require the modification to suit flexibility and the overall physical condition of the patient, Depending on the joints involved in the practices.

(5) Do not suppress the pain with painkillers.

Take a simple and light diet. Avoid sour fruits, curd, pickles, spices, milk and dairy products. Eat fresh fruits and boiled, as well as, sprouted pulses like moong. Auto urine therapy is also recommended.

Yoga practices are to be practiced by the individual only when the acute condition subsides. Sufficient bed rest,suitable medicines, corrections in food habits and lifestyle are essential for getting optimum results. Yoga is recommended.

(8)Typical personality changes:
These chronic arthritic changes give rise to depression and the patient becomes nervous, tense, worried, and moody. Suppression of anger and other emotions aggravate symptoms

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