Botworld Adventure Tier List July Best Bots Ranked

This bot does not allow proper setup and timing with other bots’ abilities. Since he needs four seconds to charge for every shot, it’s doubtful you’ll get two shots off before the game ends. Brute also has great crit AI if you’re looking to go for a crit build. This upgrades his Overclocked Spin to do even more damage. Except for that, this tier list is solely a personal point of botworld bot tier list view, and it may be different from yours. He began his journey as a volunteer, writing about games he loved whilst studying at University. Upon graduating, he worked as a freelance writer, talking about esports and gaming for several years before landing in WePC’s gaming section. Please note that these New World best weapon combos are a mixture of PvP and PvE best weapon combos.

  • The difference is that Bullwark has faster movement speed, higher damage, reflects damage, and a ridiculously wide-area stun with massive damage.
  • If you face melee bots and you place him wrong, he will most probably be dead quickly in-game.
  • The other tanks vastly outmatch Barrie, and he only serves as a slowly moving barrel.
  • On top of that, his Flame field ability deals extremely high damage, optionally heals him and forces enemies to run away from him.

Execute is a powerful skill on targets below 50% HP, but it doesn’t make up for the Axe’s lack of viability in PvE. All that said, the Great Axe makes a good off-tank weapon for expeditions with the tanking gem. The Rapier is also augmented by the Spear’s Impaler build. You’ll want to use Skewer for an extra bleed, along with Perforate to apply the Rend debuff to the target. Perforate is a key part of the build, as it improves the damage of the bleeds and skills from the Rapier while Rend remains active. In addition, the Spear applies bonus damage based on the number of debuffs on the target. Rend, a Rapier’s bleed, and a Spear’s bleed count as three, with an optional slow for a fourth debuff. Rotating between both weapons is a sure way to do plenty of damage. If you’re curious about the build, you can see how it functions here. Within the Brawler Category, Brute is a Special Class.

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When executed properly, it can bounce to the next target and deal the same amount of damage to them all. If you want to emerge victorious in every game, make sure to master one of these and pick them in each battle. There is a reason they are at the top of the Botworld Adventure tier list. On paper, his ability should deal decent damage, if only his spread wasn’t three times as worse as Scatter’s auto-attack. The reason why he’s placed so high is because he has a niche use for quick burst teams like groupers where every bot uses their burst at the start of the match. Very effective for farming wild bots and other bots as well. If you use Virus well with Hypercharge, you can completely negate an enemy team’s burst and use it against them. One of the best top-tier bots to have in your team in the current meta. If you are looking for an updated Tier List for all Bots in Botworld Adventure, then this is the place to be. Now, you may be wondering what is the basis for such a Bot Tier List?

You’re unlikely to get two shots off before the game ends because he requires four seconds to charge for each shot. Longshot is a sniper class character with a Special rarity. He may appear to be your typical sniper bot, but he is far from it. While some snipers have higher DPS on paper than Longshot, they are far easier to counter than Longshot. Longshot deals constant damage and has a failsafe ability to buy time when attackers approach. This is a fairly safe option that can easily fit into any team’s lineup. This Bot is Epic in rarity and belongs to the Brawler Class. Since he was first brought to the Botworld journey, Virus has been a force to be reckoned with. No matter which squad you put Virus on, you can count on him to perform admirably as a brawler.

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AChainer requires a particular team to pick that deserves a high tier. Slicer is a Chaser Class and has the rarity of “Special”. Slicer has the highest DPS in the game and has the second-highest burst damage in the game just below Brute. You can totally rely on Virus to play his role very well as a brawler, no matter which team you put him in.

The game starts with the players choosing an animal to represent themselves. Then, setting out on a journey to get all the bots in Botworld under their possession, or in other words, the players “gotta catch ‘em all”. If a player wants to understand the game’s basic mechanics, here is our Botworld Adventure Beginners Guide with some basic tips and tricks. So, you have already started your journey to explore a fantastic world and meet new bots. Once you are in the battle, the game will require you to demonstrate the tactical nous to win. You will be able to customize the bots; still, its skill will be unique. Thus, to become a great performer, we highly recommend adding various bots to your team.

A Chainer necessitates the selection of a certain team that merits a high tier. Do not engage in fights with several wild bots at once. Because if you can’t fight several bots at the same time, you could lose. In our Botworld Adventure guide, we highly recommend that you capture all possible bots by defeating wild bots and accumulating a collection of them. Also, be sure to update your bots on a regular basis in order to provide a good battle against all the opposing bots in the game. Don’t forget to strategically arrange your bots on the battlefield if you want to defeat and capture all the bots in the Botworld Adventure. He has a place in any team assigned to him and performs his duties as no other bot can. At the endgame (level 5000+), chasers are frequently interrupted by a tank chasing a squishy bot.
botworld bot tier list
We all know how crucial it is to pick a memorable character when it comes to video games. Each character and object has its strengths and weaknesses, so we must make the best selection possible to succeed in the game. Although it does not inflict as much damage, it does have ranged damage and massive splashes. Has a habit of running away and not knowing when to stop. Because he’s slow, this can be an issue for those that employ him frequently. Cognitive Automation Definition He really requires the assistance of a nice tank, but when he does, he performs admirably. Chainer is an aggressive tank that keeps your bots safe from enemies. This also makes it possible for the teams to sweep the opponent teams with relative ease. Chainer, however, does not get along with a lot of the other bots. Chainer, for example, reduces Brute or Bigshots’ DPS by pulling foes away from them or out of their field of fire.

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The least traditional tank out of the high-tier trio in my opinion. The nozzle has the best survivability out of any bot in the game. Both fortunately and unfortunately, his kit is entirely ranged. Unfortunately, Chainer does not do well with many of the other bots. For example, Brute or Bigshots’ DPS gets hampered since Chainer pulls enemies away from them or out of their line of fire.

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